Commission & Process

When commissioning a portrait, the client and artist have a consultation to discuss essentials of the portrait such as clothing selection, the setting, colors and tones, size of the portrait, and where it will hang.

Resource Photos - because Daniel works from photographs, the inconvenience and expense associated with sittings is avoided. Whenever possible, Daniel prefers to take the photographs himself since his need for composition and lighting are more effectively met. The photo sessions typically take about one hour, and he may shoot as many as 100 frames.

After the subject is photographed, the client and artist select the photo images from which the portrait is created. Usually, only one photo session is required. A portrait from an existing photograph may also be commissioned. Daniel can work from suitable color or B&W photography. He is able to work from existing photos if the precise angles and lighting are represented in the photos. He prefers to work from photos that employ natural light or indirect light.
Framing is available through the artist and is additional to the portrait.

A 50% deposit is required to begin the painting. Upon completion and final approval, the remaining 50% is due and satisfaction is always guaranteed. Delivery arrangements will vary with each customer’s circumstances.

Private and Commissioned Work

Daniel’s private and commissioned work includes portraits for the following
individuals and corporations:

Prices for Portrait Oil Paintings (excluding sales tax)

Portraits are priced by style and complexity. The following are guidelines that reflect the usual price for several common poses:

Graphite Portraits
Subject Type Approximate Size Cost
  9" x 12" $250
  16" x 20" $400
  20" x 24" $550
  24" x 30" $725
Portait Paintings
Head & Shoulders 12" x 16" - 16" x 20" $2,500 - $3,000
One-Half Figure with Hands 16" x 20" - 20" x 24" $3,500 - $5,000
Three-Quarter Figure with Hands 20" x 24" - 24" x 36" $4,500 - $6,500
Full Figure 36" x 48" – 48" x 60" $5,000 - $8,500


Full payment is contingent upon final acceptance and approval of the work. A 50% down payment is required when the artist actually begins the portrait; the balance is due upon completion of the work. Prices do not include tax, travel, shipping, insurance, or framing expenses. Please allow anywhere from 1–3 months for the artist to finish your painting. Deposit is not refundable.

There will be an additional 30% of the portrait fee for each additional figure and
an additional 25% for each pet. Because portrait paintings are very personal and
something to be treasured for generations to come, the artist needs to meet with
each client individually in order to personalize each painting. The painting can
be done from your favorite reference picture.

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